LifeProof SLAM Review

I have been a LifeProof user/aficionado/reviewer for years. To say I like their cases would be an understatement. My kids are only allowed to have phones if their phones are in LifeProof cases. When we go on vacation I even get my wife to use a case.

So when LifeProof sent me the Slam case to review I was super excited.


  • The case is pretty thin for a LifeProof. Let’s be honest, if you want protections you can’t use a case as thin as saran wrap. For anybody who’ve used a Fre or Next case this will feel small. If you came from an OtterBox case you’ll think your phone is naked.
  • This case is protective like every other LifeProof case. I dropped my phone from the height of the top of my van, about 6 feet up, and yes the case got scratched but that’s just called personality, my phone was still like new. That’s what’s important.
  • The case has a good size charging port and let’s me use many of the 3rd party lighting cables to charge/sync with.
  • There’s no accidentally pressing the volume up/down or power button
  • You can easily access the mute switch
  • The case stays on and yes that’s a pro when you drop your phone. I’ve seen cases open up and yes the phone doesn’t absorb the impact as much that way but the phone still goes sliding around the ground.


  • NOT even ONE

I have kept this case on ever since I got it except when I’ve gone on active vacations like beach camping which then I put on my LifeProof Fre case.

I want to remind anybody that says “Oh but the rubber comes off of my LifeProof case after a year or 2”, YUP it sure does, you’ve been beating up your phone but keeping it in the LP case keeps it in good shape so spend the $5 and have LifeProof replace it, YES it’s only $5. It’s worth every penny.

I’ve replaced a case once and my friends have done it many times. It’s super easy on their website.

Anyways the point is if you’re looking for a protective case but don’t want anything too big or covering the screen then without a doubt go buy the LifeProof SLAM. You’ll thank me next time you drop your phone.


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