LifeProof Fre the BEST case for the iPhone 11

LifeProof was nice enough to share 2 of their brand new cases for the iPhone 11 with me. The Fre is the most recently launched and I’ve been using it for about a week now and let me tell you, it is my favorite Fre case they’ve ever made. It is noticeably thinner and feels much smaller in my hand then previous Fre cases. The old ones are great but this new one is great.

They’ve added this new knob on the left side for the silence/mute switch which I really like. The case fits super tight around the phone making all that much safer. Plus the screen protector sits perfectly flush against the glass. I find it has less of the colorful grease streaks then previous models of the Fre.

The buttons on the case are easy to press and have good feedback. The rubber on the case feels like it might last longer than in previous models but only time will tell.

Over the years I’ve messed with a LOT of cases and I always come back to LifeProof cases. To me they are the best most reliable cases. I know so many people that hate that the plastic flakes off after a lot of use but they all do that. People need to accept that every year or 2 they may need to replace their case and LifeProof has a no questions asked policy and just charges $5 for the replacement case.

All in all, I think this is the BEST waterproof, drop resistant case I’ve ever used. It is the smallest LifeProof Fre to date and it makes me feel like my ultra expensive iPhone is safe. If you want to pick one up please feel free to use this link to help support my blog habit.

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