Guawin EDC Flashlight is the BEST Value

Just before going on a camping trip a few weeks ago Guawin was nice enough to send me a their EDC style flashlight for review. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it’s not a Streamlight or even an Olight but I did like the color, it looks like burnt bronze to me.

Ok so this is what I think. I LOVE this flashlight, it’s the BEST for it’s price point. It charges via Micro USB (not USB C). It comes with 1 (uniquely sized) rechargeable battery and it’s about the diameter of a AA battery. Size wise it fits nicely into my front right blue jeans pocket.

It has one of those cool clips that will hold the light in your pocket as well as clip on the brim of a baseball cap. I know how nice that sounds but I keep thinking I’m going to get poked every time I go to put my hand in my pocket even though it hasn’t happened even once.

The 2 important things on this flashlight are 1 it lights up the area very nicely and 2 it has a long throw, meaning the flashlight can light up an area over 100 feet away and probably more. Plus it’s very light weight.

Additionally it’s water resistant with a sliding cover for the charging port.

Is this the end all be all EDC flashlight, NO. Is it the BEST best EDC flashlight at its price point? Heck yah it is. If I need more lights like this I’d definitely buy this light.


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